Why you should Play video games

This may come off as shocking to you but, video games are essentially good for you. Not only are there loads of fun to be experienced while playing video games, they are also very good for your brain. Here are multiple reasons why you should play videogames.

There have been several assumptions as to the negative effects of playing videogames, such as increased aggression, addiction, and several health effects like obesity, headaches, dizziness, repetitive strain injuries and vision problems seem to get more media coverage than the positive effects. In fact and quite ironically, studies have shown that playing videogames, surprisingly, can be used to improve certain eye conditions. This, nonetheless, does not encourage addiction to video games, since, in truth, addictions to anything whatsoever lead to really grave health and psychological effects.

Video games are good for your mind and your body

Most video games are tactical and involve problem solving skills. Thus, playing video games has a direct impact on the brain. It improves cognitive reasoning, memory retention, information organization, spatial orientation, fine motor skills and reduces stress. Videogames serve as a means to ease off tension to the mind, body, and brain. In short, playing videogames can be likened to exercising, and regular practice for as little as thirty minutes daily, can improve your life immensely.

Playing video games also inspire new interests in individuals. Most individuals are likely to research on the characters which their games are centered around. Videogames Enhance problem solving skills and are usually quite challenging, complicated and fun all together. They are interactive and enable players participate fully in solving problems.

video games

Very importantly, videogames enhance reading skills for individuals. Some games involve note writing and lots of reading. Constant playing of such games would invariably increase the reading and vocabulary skills of those who play it. This is especially good for growing children who are still in the process of learning how to read. These children, more often than not, end up learning to read at a level beyond their age grade. For adults too, such games are helpful both in relieving stress and in vocabulary building.

It is a good thing then that video games have majority taken over the game industry since they are very much beneficial to all.