Videogames can be more than a hobby!

Hi and welcome back to KidsGames247! Today, we might look a little bit past children and more into the professional part of playing videogames. But, don’t forget that your child might actually become professional one day at the game you complain about that he or she is playing all the time.

Most people around the world certainly plays as a hobby, but sometimes it becomes more than just that. And, many professional athletes use videogames as a hobby to relax as an example. So, it’s plenty of good stuff coming from playing games as well. Let’s look more into people were their hobbies also is their profession.

Make your hobby into your profession

Esports has become huge in the last couple of years. From being kids playing Counter-Strike in their spare time, they can now earn real money from it. Around the world, every day there are several Esports tournaments. It has even become quite common to bet on at betting sites. Already mentioned Counter-Strike, as well as League of Legends (LOL) and many other games, are played. Even sports games, such as FIFA and NBA.

There are solo games but the most common ones are teams. Some of the best players from a country get the chance to become part of an elite team. Once here, they start competing other teams around the world. Pretty much as any sport. And, there is money to earn too. As an example, the top-earning sports player in 2017 earned as much as 2,5 million euros. And to become a top player, you need to spend just as much training as n other sports.

videogames hobby professional

Good reflexes, as well as learning every aspect of a specific game is very important. Think about how many players that play videogames for a couple of hours every day – they don’t have a chance at winning against the top players.

Top players do a lot of physical exercises too though. To be able to focus, you need stamina and fresh air. So, if you need your kid to be outdoors more, tell them they will gain in their gaming later on.

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