Videogames and your body

There are many ways in which videogames are enjoyable. It goes to show that this is the case when you see how many people play videogames. There are millions and millions all around the world. And their number is steadily increasing. But we’re here to talk about a serious subject that few people talk about, really. We’re here to talk about the effect that playing videogames has on your body.

videogames body

Sitting down for too long

Sitting down for too long can never be a good thing. And this often happens when you play videogames, regrettably. Keeping your back arched at all times will make a mess out of your posture. You will have serious problems with kyphosis, scoliosis, and lordosis. It’s imperative that you find a comfortable chair to sit in. There are many of these chairs that are ergonomically designed. You should care to invest in purchasing one of them and protecting your health.

The lack of movement

One of the worst things about videogames is that you tend to live inside the games, not in your own body. What we mean by this is that most people will invest their entire attention to the game they play. And just think about it. Was there ever a time when you played an FPS? There are massive shootouts, zombies swarm from all over the place, it’s scary and exciting, your heart and mind are racing and… you sit still. Aside from quick movements with your hands and arms on the mouse and keyboard – you don’t move at all. This can be a potentially very bad thing. You need to express your emotions. It’s simply not healthy to immerse yourself in a game and not move at all. You need to scream, run, flail your arms – anything. It’s very unnatural to keep still in these situations.

Above all else, make sure that you invest some time and effort into exercise. This is a profoundly important thing that you should do. Spend some time running or doing push-ups. Anything to move.

Eye strain

This is perhaps the most insidious of things that could happen to you while you play. The eye is a very important – yet very vulnerable organ. It often happens that you stop blinking while you play. So, the eye gets dry. It gets sore after a while – and strained. After a while, problems may begin to arise with your eyes. Make sure to keep your eyes off the computer every 20 minutes or so, for a while.

In conclusion

As you can see, gaming is not really the healthiest of hobbies. But if you follow the advice from above, then you can keep healthy – and still get to play videogames. Why not try out some board games this Christmas along with your family? We found a great guide to the best new board games 2021 at this site, hopefully you will get some inspiration!