Pokémon Go during the Corona quarantine

You no longer have to go out to collect monsters. Pokemon Go now helps its corona-affected fans play near the home. 

Niantic, the developers behind Pokémon Go, is doing everything to keep its app alive during the Covid-19 pandemic. Usually, players move out on the streets and interact with other enthusiasts. But you are not very eager to go out because of the risk of infection. Coronavirus is a global problem, but why not make the best out of it as possible. One good thing to do is start playing some computer, mobile and console games and there are a lot of reasons to play video games.

The company has therefore released a new update that makes it easier for users to continue playing – despite the limited mobility. For example, egg hatching is twice as fast and the mileage requirement has been halved. You have also an increased number of nests so that more creatures appear on the map when playing near the home.

“We have made these updates in the current situation. We also encourage players to make their own decisions about where they want to go and what they want to do that safeguards their own health, but also about the health of their communities,” says a representative from Niantic.

Other Pokemon in-game boosts

In addition, incense – which attracts pokémon to you for 30 minutes – will receive a 99 per cent discount and last for a full hour. More gifts will also be given when you spin a pokéstops.

Like many others, Niantic chooses to postpone IRL events with large crowds. This means that there will be fewer meetings where players team up with each other and go in search of rare monsters.

Anyone who longs for a true Pokémon community meet-up, simply has to wait until the Coronavirus has calmed down.