Playing battle royale games

There are many different kinds of videogames that you can play. That being said, there are also many more kinds to come. The latest advances in technology enable videogame makers to implement them and create different kinds of games. If there is one of these new genres of games that were inconceivable up until a few years ago – it’s the battle royale genre. What are the distinctions that separate this genre from the rest? Is this genre worthy of your attention when it comes to gaming? Read the rest of this article to find out.

What is battle royale?

battle royale gamesBattle royale is a term that describes an event in which there are many sides that fight a single battle. So, this is what the battle royale videogames are, in a nutshell. If you ever wanted to compete against potentially hundreds of other people in a single videogame event – this is the right choice for you.
This genre is still relatively young – but there is a selection of games that you can try out. It’s argued that the battle royale genre started off with the game called Day-Z. This was a survival shooter in which hundreds of people wandered around a big map and fought off zombies. The great thing about this game was the fact that you can’t really separate friend from foe all that easily. You will see that people can be really malicious and that you will even need to be wary of people more than of zombies. But the multiplayer community of this game eventually died out and nowadays there are few people that play Day-Z.

Which games to choose

There are a few successful alternatives. We recommend that you try out Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, or PUBG in short. This game has exploded on the scene recently and there are thousands of people that play it from all around the world. There are a few main maps where you will be able to duke it out against other players. The point of the game is to simply win. There are 100 players at the beginning of the game. All of you are parachuted on the map and all of you have no weapons or armor whatsoever. So, the beginning of the game is an important part where you need to act quick and get weapons and armor. There is a barrier that envelops the game zone – the barrier shrinks with time. So, the zone shrinks until there are no more players left.

If this genre of games seems like something that would interest you, then we suggest that you try out the battle royale games. You will see that they are a lot of fun. But to be fair – they are not for everybody. It takes a lot of skill and patience and dedication for you to get good in a battle royale game such as PUBG. But if you wish to invest the time and effort – you too can become a good player. Moreover, you will have the time of your life while playing this very fun game.

On another note

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