Confirmed, Adults Who Play Video Games Are Happier

Video games have been demonized as addictive and likely to make one lazy. However, research indicates that you should play more games. This is after a realization that those who play video games end up happier and healthier. Here are reasons given when gamers end up happier.

Be Playful

Games are designed to make you playful and excited. This is a character that most people set aside especially when family life kicks in. Loss of this element is likely to cause health complications and stress. However, games reawaken the feeling of excitement only associated with kids. If you play for several minutes in a day, you have a chance to drop all your worries and get excited. This becomes a stress reliever and helps you to remain mentally sharp.

A Chance For Creativity And Imagination

Games are about outwitting opponents and being creative. When you arrange fruits, birds, bricks, etc, you are creating images and structures that are mentally rewarding. With this opportunity, you get satisfaction by seeing your imagination or creativity leading to something nice. This is a great source of joy in an adult life that is characterized by continued struggle.

A Moment To Bond

happy gaming

There are games played by two or more people in a competitive mode. Such games are provide an opportunity to socialize and bond. Considering that human beings are wired to be social, they will derive happiness from such games. When you play with your partner, children, friends, etc, your relationship becomes stronger and more socially rewarding.

Eye-Hand Coordination

Coordination is one of the elements that make a person more productive and healthy. Eye-hand coordination is especially important on the road or when working with machines. When you are used to playing video games, your ability to coordinate your eyes and hands improve because the moves you execute on the screen are coordinated from the hands. It will, therefore, reduce the possibility of accidents and make you a more efficient worker.

Games Give You Something To Hope For

The challenges of life can easily dampen your spirit. However, people always look forward to playing the next level. The game gives you a chance to escape and look forward to an activity you can conquer. This is an incredible source of joy.

People choose video games that are exciting to play. As such, these games will leave you happier. This joy can be derived when you are on the road, in your house, with friends, etc. These are enough reasons to play as many video games as possible.