Videogames and your body

There are many ways in which videogames are enjoyable. It goes to show that this is the case when you see how many people play videogames. There are millions and millions all around the world. And their number is steadily increasing. But we’re here to talk about a serious subject that few people talk about, really. We’re here to talk about the effect that playing videogames has on your body.

videogames body

Sitting down for too long

Sitting down for too long can never be a good thing. And this often happens when you play videogames, regrettably. Keeping your back arched at all times will make a mess out of your posture. You will have serious problems with kyphosis, scoliosis, and lordosis. It’s imperative that you find a comfortable chair to sit in. There are many of these chairs that are ergonomically designed. You should care to invest in purchasing one of them and protecting your health.

The lack of movement

One of the worst things about videogames is that you tend to live inside the games, not in your own body. What we mean by this is that most people will invest their entire attention to the game they play. And just think about it. Was there ever a time when you played an FPS? There are massive shootouts, zombies swarm from all over the place, it’s scary and exciting, your heart and mind are racing and… you sit still. Aside from quick movements with your hands and arms on the mouse and keyboard – you don’t move at all. This can be a potentially very bad thing. You need to express your emotions. It’s simply not healthy to immerse yourself in a game and not move at all. You need to scream, run, flail your arms – anything. It’s very unnatural to keep still in these situations.

Above all else, make sure that you invest some time and effort into exercise. This is a profoundly important thing that you should do. Spend some time running or doing push-ups. Anything to move.

Eye strain

This is perhaps the most insidious of things that could happen to you while you play. The eye is a very important – yet very vulnerable organ. It often happens that you stop blinking while you play. So, the eye gets dry. It gets sore after a while – and strained. After a while, problems may begin to arise with your eyes. Make sure to keep your eyes off the computer every 20 minutes or so, for a while.

In conclusion

As you can see, gaming is not really the healthiest of hobbies. But if you follow the advice from above, then you can keep healthy – and still get to play videogames. Why not try out some board games this Christmas along with your family? We found a great guide to the best new board games 2021 at this site, hopefully you will get some inspiration!

Videogames can be more than a hobby!

Hi and welcome back to KidsGames247! Today, we might look a little bit past children and more into the professional part of playing videogames. But, don’t forget that your child might actually become professional one day at the game you complain about that he or she is playing all the time.

Most people around the world certainly plays as a hobby, but sometimes it becomes more than just that. And, many professional athletes use videogames as a hobby to relax as an example. So, it’s plenty of good stuff coming from playing games as well. Let’s look more into people were their hobbies also is their profession.

Make your hobby into your profession

Esports has become huge in the last couple of years. From being kids playing Counter-Strike in their spare time, they can now earn real money from it. Around the world, every day there are several Esports tournaments. It has even become quite common to bet on at betting sites. Already mentioned Counter-Strike, as well as League of Legends (LOL) and many other games, are played. Even sports games, such as FIFA and NBA.

There are solo games but the most common ones are teams. Some of the best players from a country get the chance to become part of an elite team. Once here, they start competing other teams around the world. Pretty much as any sport. And, there is money to earn too. As an example, the top-earning sports player in 2017 earned as much as 2,5 million euros. And to become a top player, you need to spend just as much training as n other sports.

videogames hobby professional

Good reflexes, as well as learning every aspect of a specific game is very important. Think about how many players that play videogames for a couple of hours every day – they don’t have a chance at winning against the top players.

Top players do a lot of physical exercises too though. To be able to focus, you need stamina and fresh air. So, if you need your kid to be outdoors more, tell them they will gain in their gaming later on.

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Pokémon Go during the Corona quarantine

You no longer have to go out to collect monsters. Pokemon Go now helps its corona-affected fans play near the home. 

Niantic, the developers behind Pokémon Go, is doing everything to keep its app alive during the Covid-19 pandemic. Usually, players move out on the streets and interact with other enthusiasts. But you are not very eager to go out because of the risk of infection. Coronavirus is a global problem, but why not make the best out of it as possible. One good thing to do is start playing some computer, mobile and console games and there are a lot of reasons to play video games.

The company has therefore released a new update that makes it easier for users to continue playing – despite the limited mobility. For example, egg hatching is twice as fast and the mileage requirement has been halved. You have also an increased number of nests so that more creatures appear on the map when playing near the home.

“We have made these updates in the current situation. We also encourage players to make their own decisions about where they want to go and what they want to do that safeguards their own health, but also about the health of their communities,” says a representative from Niantic.

Other Pokemon in-game boosts

In addition, incense – which attracts pokémon to you for 30 minutes – will receive a 99 per cent discount and last for a full hour. More gifts will also be given when you spin a pokéstops.

Like many others, Niantic chooses to postpone IRL events with large crowds. This means that there will be fewer meetings where players team up with each other and go in search of rare monsters.

Anyone who longs for a true Pokémon community meet-up, simply has to wait until the Coronavirus has calmed down.

videogames skills

Sharpening your wits with videogames

Videogames are incredibly fun to play. Different people have different preferences as to videogames. Some people enjoy first person shooters. Other enjoy the multiplayer online battle arenas. Others enjoy playing the massively multiplayer online role playing games. Well, as it turns out, different games offer different forms of exercise for your brain. That’s right, you can sharpen up just by playing videogames.

The first person shooters

If there is one type of game that will put your wits to the test – it’s the first person shooter. Of course, we have to mention the fact that there are games with different levels of difficulties. Some FPSs are simple and easy. Others are harder. If you want a real challenge for your brain – then pick the hardest games.
You will need to pay attention to the environments where you play. Enemies will tend to come out at all times, so this will test your reflexes. Your focus and attention span will also be sharpened. You will be able to pick your enemies from a mile away – if the game allows this. So, the FPSs offer really a great way to sharpen your wits.

The real time strategies

Many people would say that this genre is falling out of favor. The online battle arenas take the place of real time strategies. But the core of these games is pretty much the same. You control various units “from above”. You guide them into battle and do your best. Now this… is a true test of your reflexes and thinking abilities. Take a game like DOTA 2, for example. There are thousands of combinations that you can make with the items. And there are many different characters to choose from. All of them have their own special abilities. It may very well take a lifetime for you to master this game. And it will test your wits to the max if you enter a high-stakes battle with pro players.

Learn strategy and be better at math by playing casino games

Other games that may have a positive factor on you and your features are some casino games. Playing poker, roulette, blackjack and some other games at an online casino will favor players that have a serious strategy and knows how to count on probability etcetera. So, make sure to brush up on your math skills before entering a casino.

In conclusion

Many different games will put your brain to the test. Just remember to not get addicted – as they can get too fun for your own good. Regardless of which genres you prefer – we suggest that you play different games of different genres. This will provide an optimal form of exercise for your brain. And don’t be afraid to put yourself to the test. Some games will be hard – but this makes the challenge that much more enjoyable.

video games

Why you should Play video games

This may come off as shocking to you but, video games are essentially good for you. Not only are there loads of fun to be experienced while playing video games, they are also very good for your brain. Here are multiple reasons why you should play videogames.

There have been several assumptions as to the negative effects of playing videogames, such as increased aggression, addiction, and several health effects like obesity, headaches, dizziness, repetitive strain injuries and vision problems seem to get more media coverage than the positive effects. In fact and quite ironically, studies have shown that playing videogames, surprisingly, can be used to improve certain eye conditions. This, nonetheless, does not encourage addiction to video games, since, in truth, addictions to anything whatsoever lead to really grave health and psychological effects.

Video games are good for your mind and your body

Most video games are tactical and involve problem solving skills. Thus, playing video games has a direct impact on the brain. It improves cognitive reasoning, memory retention, information organization, spatial orientation, fine motor skills and reduces stress. Videogames serve as a means to ease off tension to the mind, body, and brain. In short, playing videogames can be likened to exercising, and regular practice for as little as thirty minutes daily, can improve your life immensely.

Playing video games also inspire new interests in individuals. Most individuals are likely to research on the characters which their games are centered around. Videogames Enhance problem solving skills and are usually quite challenging, complicated and fun all together. They are interactive and enable players participate fully in solving problems.

video games

Very importantly, videogames enhance reading skills for individuals. Some games involve note writing and lots of reading. Constant playing of such games would invariably increase the reading and vocabulary skills of those who play it. This is especially good for growing children who are still in the process of learning how to read. These children, more often than not, end up learning to read at a level beyond their age grade. For adults too, such games are helpful both in relieving stress and in vocabulary building.

It is a good thing then that video games have majority taken over the game industry since they are very much beneficial to all.

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future video games

What The Future Of Video Games Looks Like

Video games have always been a popular pastime in this world. Their future is bright, yet there are definite changes coming to reflect the tastes of today’s video game players. The newest development in their evolvement is cloud-based.

The technology used to stream TV shows for services such as Netflix and Hulu is the same technology that is making video games cloud-based in the near future. There are benefits to cloud gaming, including consumers no longer having to purchase software programs for this use. With video games becoming increasingly social by the day, cloud gaming will make it easier to allow for multiplayer functions and makes sharing relevant videos and pictures that much easier.

Cloud-based video gaming in the future

While players will benefit from cloud-based video gaming, so will manufacturers. This allows them to charge fees for subscriptions to specific games. It also saves them money, as they can avoid producing gaming software, an undertaking that can become quite expensive. Electronic Arts is one video game manufacturer that is likely to see some financial benefits from offering subscriptions while cutting down on the cost of producing hardware.

future video gamesHowever, manufacturers of gaming consoles are fighting to compete with cloud-based video gaming. They may not be able to win the fight and as a result, manufacturers such as Microsoft have already purchased software that will allow them to offer their own platform for cloud-gaming. Microsoft and other manufacturers are now competing with Amazon to release better cloud-based video games.

The video game industry has always been extremely successful, and cloud-based platforms are expected to make it even more successful in the coming years. There is an expectation that cloud computing will make video games more appealing to a growing number of demographics that may not have been interested in it before.

5G Internet will make more possible

Thanks to 5G Internet speeds, cloud-based gaming may eventually surpass traditional video game software and become society’s new normal. One of the current problems with this type of gaming is that latency isn’t what it should be. 5G technology is expected to eliminate this problem in the future. As of now, many Internet users experience 4G speed, which is not always fast enough to support cloud-based video games so that players get the maximum level of satisfaction out of them. With a 4G connection, latency is generally at 10 milliseconds, but 5G is expected to reduce that to 0.5 milliseconds of latency.

The benefits of 5G technology include the ability for players to access older games on brand new devices. This saves game manufacturers time and money because it eliminates the need for them to avoid remaking older video games to upgrade their video quality to HD. 5G technology will also allow players to run video games on computers that may not have previously had the correct specs for a particular game.

Cloud-based gaming and G5 are set to change the ways in which video games are distributed by manufacturers and enjoyed by players in the coming years.

We also want to give a recommendation from a site where you can find a wide selection of game rules. They just wrote a post where they list the top five best card games for kids. When you need a break from your screen but still wants to play. Card games is one of the best thing you can do.

trends igaming

Current Trends in iGaming

Online gaming is quickly becoming more popular than it ever has been before. Now known as iGaming, it is transforming the way the younger generation plays. There are certain trends in iGaming that are encouraging them to do so.

iGaming and Virtual Reality

One of those trends is virtual reality. Online casino games are already adopting the technology to offer players gaming experiences that in the past they only dreamed of. With nothing more than a headset, players can have a 3D experience in many of their favourite games. This includes table and slot machine games and is helping to blur the line between an online casino and a land-based casino.

A close relative of virtual reality augmented reality, is also finding its way into the i-Gaming industry. One very well-known example of this is 2016’s Pokemon Go, which attracted worldwide attention. This is likely to lead to more augmented reality (AR) games in the near future. AR is a cheaper technology to implement in online games than virtual reality is, boding well for its future success.

Another trend is the emergence of smartwatch gaming. Both Samsung and Apple now produce smartwatches that let players experience Poker and casino games in an entirely new way. Gaming apps have been created for these specific brands of watches and it is only a matter of time before more general casino game apps are created that will allow players to use a smartwatch from any manufacturer.

Bingo is getting bigger

Perhaps a somewhat surprising trend in iGaming is Bingo. Thanks to the worldwide interest in the game, several different versions of it are now available to players. This has helped contribute to the growing popularity of the game since in addition to the standard 75 and 90 ball versions of the game other variances of it include titles such as Death Bingo and Quick Shot. Death Bingo takes a unique approach to the game, as the player that makes it to the end without getting Bingo is declared the winner, as opposed to the players who actually achieved a Bingo on their game card.

trends igamingHowever, online gaming is about so much more than just casino games. eSports Leagues are also trending in 2019. One popular game in 2019 is football and bet on that in a casino. Now the industry that earns multiple millions in revenue, it is projected to earn over one billion dollars before the end of 2020. The future of eSports is set to include the creations of countless gaming competitions and leagues.

While virtually every type of i-Gaming has typically been associated with male players, the number of female players adopting it as a hobby is growing. In fact, almost half of today’s gamers are women of various ages. As a result, the stereotypical male friendly online games are fading away as manufacturers are focusing on releasing online games that both genders can enjoy.

These are the current trends in iGaming for 2019. The future of the industry as a whole is one that is likely to keep changing and evolving as online gaming is transformed to have universal appeal.

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