It Is Time Seniors Started Playing Video Games

Video games were originally considered for adults but they have spread to include seniors. This is after revelations that seniors stand to benefit more by gaming instead of idle sitting. Furthermore, haven’t our seniors done enough with their lives to warrant a few minutes with the controller?

Better Vision

Video games involve a screen where action takes place and is controlled on your hands. From time in memorial, staring on the screen for too long was known to cause problems with your eyes. However, this myth has been debunked, especially among seniors. The screens in use today have also been advanced such that they do not cause damage to your eyes. Eyes are engaged in rapid movement that results in alertness and better vision.

Stress Reduction

stress reductionSeniors are faced with chronic stress because of prolonged idle hours. Their social interactions are also limited, leading to problems with physical and mental ability. They do not have the energy to engage in a lot of physical exercises. Their best solution is video games that keep their minds engaged and alert. This is an incredible stress reliever and a way to keep them off depression.


Seniors have a lot of time on their hands. They might not engage their children on long walks or physical games. However, video games present an opportunity to play with fellow seniors etc. Such situations filled with adrenaline, friendly competitions and excitement are the perfect scenarios for bonding. It helps the seniors to engage and spend quality time with people in their lives.

Mental Health

One of the problems that seniors face is decline in mental health. This is accompanied by loss of memory and physical ability. Nerves are also likely to be affected as the brain begins to slow down. Video games offer a risk free opportunity to exercise the mind. The senior has to develop strategies to beat the opponent, and try even harder because he or she is playing against a son or grand son. This summons his mental faculties leading to a sharp and alert mind even in old age. A sharp mind slows down the process of aging and enables you to enjoy senior years with your parents.

Video games are exciting to play for seniors. The fact that they demand mental alertness ensures that seniors retain their sharp mental ability even in old age. With a chance to engage with fellow seniors, relatives etc this is the perfect opportunity to socialize.