Current Trends in iGaming

Online gaming is quickly becoming more popular than it ever has been before. Now known as iGaming, it is transforming the way the younger generation plays. There are certain trends in iGaming that are encouraging them to do so.

iGaming and Virtual Reality

One of those trends is virtual reality. Online casino games are already adopting the technology to offer players gaming experiences that in the past they only dreamed of. With nothing more than a headset, players can have a 3D experience in many of their favourite games. This includes table and slot machine games and is helping to blur the line between an online casino and a land-based casino.

A close relative of virtual reality augmented reality, is also finding its way into the i-Gaming industry. One very well-known example of this is 2016’s Pokemon Go, which attracted worldwide attention. This is likely to lead to more augmented reality (AR) games in the near future. AR is a cheaper technology to implement in online games than virtual reality is, boding well for its future success.

Another trend is the emergence of smartwatch gaming. Both Samsung and Apple now produce smartwatches that let players experience Poker and casino games in an entirely new way. Gaming apps have been created for these specific brands of watches and it is only a matter of time before more general casino game apps are created that will allow players to use a smartwatch from any manufacturer.

Bingo is getting bigger

Perhaps a somewhat surprising trend in iGaming is Bingo. Thanks to the worldwide interest in the game, several different versions of it are now available to players. This has helped contribute to the growing popularity of the game since in addition to the standard 75 and 90 ball versions of the game other variances of it include titles such as Death Bingo and Quick Shot. Death Bingo takes a unique approach to the game, as the player that makes it to the end without getting Bingo is declared the winner, as opposed to the players who actually achieved a Bingo on their game card.

trends igamingHowever, online gaming is about so much more than just casino games. eSports Leagues are also trending in 2019. One popular game in 2019 is football and bet on that in a casino. Now the industry that earns multiple millions in revenue, it is projected to earn over one billion dollars before the end of 2020. The future of eSports is set to include the creations of countless gaming competitions and leagues.

While virtually every type of i-Gaming has typically been associated with male players, the number of female players adopting it as a hobby is growing. In fact, almost half of today’s gamers are women of various ages. As a result, the stereotypical male friendly online games are fading away as manufacturers are focusing on releasing online games that both genders can enjoy.

These are the current trends in iGaming for 2019. The future of the industry as a whole is one that is likely to keep changing and evolving as online gaming is transformed to have universal appeal.