Battling videogame addiction

Videogames can be an incredibly fun way to pass the time. If you’re feeling bored or you simply don’t have something to do – then playing a videogame can bring you back to life. No matter who you are, chances are that you will find at least some videogames interesting. But there is also the flipside to this. Videogame addiction is a real thing. You need to be very aware of this as it may end up running your life. But first, you need to assess your personal situation. Are you a videogame addict? And what you need to do if you think that you are one?

How much time to you spend gaming?

You need to think of the time you spend in gaming, first. How much time are you using in gaming? Most people would say that they are positively spent after an hour of gaming. But there are many people that can play two, three, even four or more consecutive hours. As you may imagine, this is not a healthy habit – at all. Many gamers that play for long periods of time find that this takes a toll on their bodies. You have to sit in the same position in order to game. This can wreak havoc on your spine and cause all sorts of different deformities.

battling videogame addictionMoreover, you have to remember that your body was designed to move. Also, you need to remember the notion of “use it or lose it”. Some gamers find the right balance between playing videogames and exercising. They use the best of both worlds. But you may be surprised at just how many people are doing nothing else in life besides gaming. And again, this takes a toll on their bodies. They get fat and weak. If you wish to be successful in life – you need to strive for the opposite.

So, what’s your answer to how many hours you’re gaming per day? If your answer is up to two hours, then you’re most likely fine. But if your answer is more than two hours, then you may have a problem. The addictive potential of games cannot be understated. You may find out that you’re constantly drawn to reach new levels and upgrade your character or whatever it is about any particular game. You will eventually come to a time when you’ll know that it’s definitely time to stop.

Take a break and go into nature

One good idea is to take a break and go into nature. There are many hotels, hostels and camping sites where you can enjoy time without electricity and technology. This is very good for your brain. One hotel in the UK that focus on this type of rehabilitation is The Forest Inn. If you click here you will find a lot of useful facts on what they can help you with. There are also plenty of other options that you can easily find on or use google.

Other problems with too much gaming

You may have lost a few friends over incessant gaming. You may have problems in school or at work because of videogames. If you notice that there is anything in your life that starts to go awry because of videogames – then you need to stop. We advise an approach of cold turkey. This means quitting gaming altogether at least for 90 days. This will be enough to break the habit that currently destroys your life. Sure, it may not be easy to do this, especially at first. But with time your mind will reacclimate to the healthy pleasures in life. You will find that there is life beyond the videogames that you have played for the better part of your life.