battling videogame addiction

Battling videogame addiction

Videogames can be an incredibly fun way to pass the time. If you’re feeling bored or you simply don’t have something to do – then playing a videogame can bring you back to life. No matter who you are, chances are that you will find at least some videogames interesting. But there is also the flipside to this. Videogame addiction is a real thing. You need to be very aware of this as it may end up running your life. But first, you need to assess your personal situation. Are you a videogame addict? And what you need to do if you think that you are one?

How much time to you spend gaming?

You need to think of the time you spend in gaming, first. How much time are you using in gaming? Most people would say that they are positively spent after an hour of gaming. But there are many people that can play two, three, even four or more consecutive hours. As you may imagine, this is not a healthy habit – at all. Many gamers that play for long periods of time find that this takes a toll on their bodies. You have to sit in the same position in order to game. This can wreak havoc on your spine and cause all sorts of different deformities.

battling videogame addictionMoreover, you have to remember that your body was designed to move. Also, you need to remember the notion of “use it or lose it”. Some gamers find the right balance between playing videogames and exercising. They use the best of both worlds. But you may be surprised at just how many people are doing nothing else in life besides gaming. And again, this takes a toll on their bodies. They get fat and weak. If you wish to be successful in life – you need to strive for the opposite.

So, what’s your answer to how many hours you’re gaming per day? If your answer is up to two hours, then you’re most likely fine. But if your answer is more than two hours, then you may have a problem. The addictive potential of games cannot be understated. You may find out that you’re constantly drawn to reach new levels and upgrade your character or whatever it is about any particular game. You will eventually come to a time when you’ll know that it’s definitely time to stop.

Other problems with too much gaming

You may have lost a few friends over incessant gaming. You may have problems in school or at work because of videogames. If you notice that there is anything in your life that starts to go awry because of videogames – then you need to stop. We advise an approach of cold turkey. This means quitting gaming altogether at least for 90 days. This will be enough to break the habit that currently destroys your life. Sure, it may not be easy to do this, especially at first. But with time your mind will reacclimate to the healthy pleasures in life. You will find that there is life beyond the videogames that you have played for the better part of your life.

Video Games And Fitness

Video games are usually played as you sit on the coach. This is why they are commonly associated with obesity and laziness. But can playing games keep you fit and away from lifestyle conditions? The following perspectives will provide clear answers on whether you should include games as part of your fitness regime.

Choice Of Game

fitness gamingThere are different video games available for adults. While some are played on the coach, new games in the market today allow you to play on your feet. In fact, you will be seeing your simulation on the screen. These are excellent options if you are looking for an interesting way to have the games as part of your fitness plan.

Furthermore, video games come with very exciting sounds that will fire you up. With the latest models, a different sound is produced every time you kick or knockout an opponent. You can attach sensors to your body that enable you to play with your opponent as if you are in the real world. Others are for running, sports, etc. It is the choice of game that determines your fitness levels.

Mental Activity

Video games are mentally involving. You need to be alert all the time to avoid losing. You also have to draw strategies that will enable you win. As such, games are an opportunity to exercise the mind and achieve mental clarity. When the mind is engaged over a long time, you will keep away from memory loss and other conditions like Alzheimer’s.

Excitement With Games

It is exciting to play a game. Your mind and body gets fired up leading to an energy burst. This excitement will motivate you to engage in physical activities like playing an actual game of football or going outdoors for racing competitions. Gamers are wired to imitate the things they see on the screen. Play a video game and enjoy the excitement that spills to your real life.

Video games are designed to elicit excitement that fires both your body and mind. If you want to select a video game to incorporate within your fitness program, choose the ones that use sensors. The incorporation of sensors allows you to imitate possible movements that would otherwise have been created by the controller. The best way to play such games is with a partner or friend. Their engaging aspect will also enable you to bond and improve your socialization skills.

It Is Time Seniors Started Playing Video Games

Video games were originally considered for adults but they have spread to include seniors. This is after revelations that seniors stand to benefit more by gaming instead of idle sitting. Furthermore, haven’t our seniors done enough with their lives to warrant a few minutes with the controller?

Better Vision

Video games involve a screen where action takes place and is controlled on your hands. From time in memorial, staring on the screen for too long was known to cause problems with your eyes. However, this myth has been debunked, especially among seniors. The screens in use today have also been advanced such that they do not cause damage to your eyes. Eyes are engaged in rapid movement that results in alertness and better vision.

Stress Reduction

stress reductionSeniors are faced with chronic stress because of prolonged idle hours. Their social interactions are also limited, leading to problems with physical and mental ability. They do not have the energy to engage in a lot of physical exercises. Their best solution is video games that keep their minds engaged and alert. This is an incredible stress reliever and a way to keep them off depression.


Seniors have a lot of time on their hands. They might not engage their children on long walks or physical games. However, video games present an opportunity to play with fellow seniors etc. Such situations filled with adrenaline, friendly competitions and excitement are the perfect scenarios for bonding. It helps the seniors to engage and spend quality time with people in their lives.

Mental Health

One of the problems that seniors face is decline in mental health. This is accompanied by loss of memory and physical ability. Nerves are also likely to be affected as the brain begins to slow down. Video games offer a risk free opportunity to exercise the mind. The senior has to develop strategies to beat the opponent, and try even harder because he or she is playing against a son or grand son. This summons his mental faculties leading to a sharp and alert mind even in old age. A sharp mind slows down the process of aging and enables you to enjoy senior years with your parents.

Video games are exciting to play for seniors. The fact that they demand mental alertness ensures that seniors retain their sharp mental ability even in old age. With a chance to engage with fellow seniors, relatives etc this is the perfect opportunity to socialize.

Fresh Discovery Regarding Benefits Of Video Games

The most common association given to video games is the addiction. Recently, scientists studying cognitive behavior have come with revelations that will change your perspective about video games. They have identified incredible benefits that people stand to reap from playing video games. From their assessment, video games will leave you healthier and smarter than one who does not play the games.

Better Coordination

Games are mentally stimulating. They involve the use of both hands at the same time, eye movement, quick judgment, etc. Remember that the person is not just staring at the computer. All these activities he or she is engaged in require coordination at physical, visual and mental level. Video games have therefore been cited as excellent tools for training people on coordination.

Problem Solving

benefitsThis is a character and attributes that even adults must seek to master. Games are about getting out of a fix or finding the safest, quickest and easiest way out. Even as you search for your way out, there are rules to be followed. As such, you have to play by the rules, very fast and get to a safer ground or find a solution. Further, winning most games is a matter of strategy. As such, the person begins to think long other than short term. He begins to organize things with a larger goal in mind. When a person is exposed to such conditions on regular basis, he or she grows to become the sharpest person ever.

Memory Enhancement

Don’t you wish you could remember where you kept your car keys last night? Memory is one of the greatest assets a human being can possess. Video games require you to remember rules. You must also remember video combinations that will help you win. This helps the memory of persons to expand as early as possible.

Concentration And Attention

What if you can sit down through a task and complete it? This is one of the rewards of exposing some people to video games. They learn to concentrate and especially take note of very minor details. In this way, they will be easier to manage and organized especially when they begin to perform tasks.

Other benefits cited include improvement of brain speed, multitasking and improvement of socialization skills. Further, there are games for education purposes where they can learn languages, arithmetic, science, etc.

Want to read more about benefits of video gaming? Check out this article from Huffington Post.

Confirmed, Adults Who Play Video Games Are Happier

Video games have been demonized as addictive and likely to make one lazy. However, research indicates that you should play more games. This is after a realization that those who play video games end up happier and healthier. Here are reasons given when gamers end up happier.

Be Playful

Games are designed to make you playful and excited. This is a character that most people set aside especially when family life kicks in. Loss of this element is likely to cause health complications and stress. However, games reawaken the feeling of excitement only associated with kids. If you play for several minutes in a day, you have a chance to drop all your worries and get excited. This becomes a stress reliever and helps you to remain mentally sharp.

A Chance For Creativity And Imagination

Games are about outwitting opponents and being creative. When you arrange fruits, birds, bricks, etc, you are creating images and structures that are mentally rewarding. With this opportunity, you get satisfaction by seeing your imagination or creativity leading to something nice. This is a great source of joy in an adult life that is characterized by continued struggle.

A Moment To Bond

happy gaming

There are games played by two or more people in a competitive mode. Such games are provide an opportunity to socialize and bond. Considering that human beings are wired to be social, they will derive happiness from such games. When you play with your partner, children, friends, etc, your relationship becomes stronger and more socially rewarding.

Eye-Hand Coordination

Coordination is one of the elements that make a person more productive and healthy. Eye-hand coordination is especially important on the road or when working with machines. When you are used to playing video games, your ability to coordinate your eyes and hands improve because the moves you execute on the screen are coordinated from the hands. It will, therefore, reduce the possibility of accidents and make you a more efficient worker.

Games Give You Something To Hope For

The challenges of life can easily dampen your spirit. However, people always look forward to playing the next level. The game gives you a chance to escape and look forward to an activity you can conquer. This is an incredible source of joy.

People choose video games that are exciting to play. As such, these games will leave you happier. This joy can be derived when you are on the road, in your house, with friends, etc. These are enough reasons to play as many video games as possible.

Play Easy

gamingGames are so interesting that you want to play all day. Many people are worse because they do not have responsibilities that will draw them from the games. The possibility of addiction is very high. Instead of the game help, it ends up destroying the life. This may affect his academic performance and even the ability to socialize. How can you ensure that you do not get addicted to video games?

Set A Schedule For The Game

While gaming is interesting, it must not be allowed to take place anywhere and anytime. Set a specific place and time to play. Make the person aware that he or she can only play at a particular time. You must also ensure that the game facilities are available at that time. This helps you to control the number of hours you play and the conditions. It will protect from developing a crazy appetite for games.

Alternative Activities Will Help

It is important to realize that there are more activities one can engage in besides video games. They could include other games other than those on electronic devices. You can also participate in other chores like preparing meals, cleaning, etc. All attention will not be on the video game. This will draw him away from the video games and also teach a lesson or two about responsibility.

Encourage Them To Get Out Of The House

Video games are mostly played indoors. There is a temptation to sit on the coach and enjoy the game. However, outdoors offer some of the best activities you can imagine. Leave the house. You may organize activities and facilitate with games that can be played outside. Once you get used to such company, adrenaline, and fun, he or she will drift away from the love of video games.

Drop The Games

If you spend most of your time on the phone, you will want to follow suit. Drop the phone and the game in it. Engage in other fun activities. This will occupy the attention, time and memory.

Addiction is a serious condition and can affect the health and growth milestones. Since games are very beneficial, they should be handled in a way that allows you to enjoy the advantages. Remember that video games will affect everyone in a different way.

Four Great Games to fire up right now

Here’s four great games to play when you’re bored during the autumn months!

Mario + Rabid’s Kingdom Battle

Mario + Rabid’s Kingdom Battle is a game where the crazy Rabbids have in some way or another; entered the mushroom kingdom and created chaos. They have also dressed up as famous characters like Princess Peach and Luigi. Unfortunately some Rabbids have also become angry and therefore try to stop Mario and his friends. It’s now up to the red plumber to stop the chaos and save the mushroom kingdom once more; but this time with new weapons, shooters. The game is really fun, but it’s sometimes get a bit boring and repetitive, but otherwise it’s really fun. Highly recommended!


Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 is a fun game that I think everyone should try. The game is super cool and has has a good story. I do recommend that you watch the TV series Dragon Ball Z to understand what’s going on. A few minuses (-) are that there are many long and difficult attack combinations as well as difficult controls. The game is fun but it’s not worth the 60 Euro asking price. If you buy the game, I think you should buy the game when it’s 50% off or more, otherwise Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 is not worth the money.


Overwatch is a FPS (First Person Shooter) with future theme and is not as violent as, for example, cs: go and call of duty. There are currently 25 “Heroes” and the latest was DoomFist. The game has grim graphics and Blizzard has done a fantastic job; and it seems that they have spent a lot of time on the game. Fun fact: I actually got addicted to this game, and the only thing that got me to stop playing was for me to look after new fun free spins 2018 at

Its funny what a really good game can do with you; and it doesn’t matter what type of game it is (computer game or slot) One thing is clear; and that is that they are addicting as hell.

Sims 4

Build a house! Create your Sims! Control their lives! I have played Sims 4 for almost a year and have not been tired of it yet, (This and playing online casino 2018 at ) 🙂 The game is about creating sims and controlling their lives. There are six “needs” you need to keep in balance: Hunger, hygiene, toilet, energy, social and fun. The Sims can be babies, toddlers, children, teenagers, adolescents, and  adults in all ages. There are huge expansion packages to buy. Holiday paradise, pets, seasons … you name it. If you couldn’t already tell I really love this game and highly recommend it.

Secret of Mana – The Classic gets a Remake

Secret of Mana is one of those games that people in my generation talk about in great affection. It was one of several classics released under what can easily be called game developer; Squares “Golden Age”, which also included Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy VI. Mana, however, was something different for the RPG giants; with it’s Zelda-inspired gameplay and focus on cooperative multiplayer. Since then, fans of the series have had a tough time, especially with the sequel to Secret of Mana 2, which have not been released outside Japan. ( It have been given a fan-made translation though).

secret of mana

Good News for Secret of Mana Fans!

However, last week some really good news surfaces for us real Mana-fans (and for everyone else, really). Square Enix have from nowere announced a remake of the Super Nintendo original that will be released on Steam next year. The new version is completely rebuilt in 3D with all the voice comedy, action; and a newly arranged soundtrack. Developers also claim that they will refine the gameplay but are vague in exactly what will be changed – Personally, I would like to see online multiplayer.

A Zelda for 3 players

As mentioned before Secret of Mana was released in the middle of Squares’s golden age, just over half a year before Final Fantasy VI and Chrono Trigger started launching the company’s blitzkrieg against the western market. Mana stands out among Squares other games in several ways and is still a brilliant example of the fact that more does not necessarily mean better.

Unlike Final Fantasy’s turnkey-based arrangements, Mana took inspiration from the Zelda series, and put all battles in real time. You can still use skills, objects and magic as you expect from a role-playing game, but instead of forcing players to rotate in infinity-depth menus, all handling takes place in a ring menu that pops up at a single touch of a button. Turn the ring until you reach the item you want or the magic you want to use and activate. There is no obvious vacuum between battles, exploratory and intermediate sequences, which leads to a game that seldom loses tempo and is easy to understand even for a noob. And did I mention you can play up to three players at the same time!?

The Secret of Mana has grown so well mainly because it aims to create a scaled-down, accessible experience that simultaneously offers the same high level of presentation and personality as Squares other items from the same era.